Leisure Ade was established in 2016.

It was start up in China, the shop provide special fruit tea which is very amazing quality. We mainly target office workers, so we also provide coffee and cake!

The Brand we start only 1 year, have already developed to 5 shops! We will keep open much more shop in the future!

Based on our products, network, and planning, we will open 10 - 15 branches in 2018 and promote to Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, UK and USA in future and we success to start open in Philippines soon.

Healthy drinks


We use a real tea as a drinks base, not using a instant powder.

Real tea provide good ingredients and make human more healthy.

- reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke

- less caffeine than coffee

- contains antioxidants

- help protect your bones

- soothe the digestive system

High Potential Demand


Tea is the most popular beverage in the world, and increasing rapidly in many countries.

We aim this market on purpose, to provide a good quality tea drinks for this high demand.

Water is the highest demand in the world, actually, tea is behind on it, coffee is the third, if coffee can become such successful, tea should be same or excess it.

Quality Control


The Brand is controlled by Hong Kong, from tea purchase, select syrup, equipment prepare, and formula of drinks making, we have a professional team to manage each step, ensure all the drinks can keep the perfect quality.

Brand image


One of purpose for LEISURE-ADE being created, was that we want to build up a brand image, the brand will be recognized in Tea drinks, healthy, quality and reputation. 

Probably, one day people will see everywhere is our brand, just like Starbucks and McDonald.

Affordable prices


The pricing for our drinks is definitely reasonable and acceptable.

Welcome to join us

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