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American wine-legend Robert Mondavi visited Chile in 1991, and found a kindred spirit in the Chilean vintner Eduardo Chadwick. They shared passion and commitment in making superb wines, and this dream came true in 1997, when they released the first vintage of Seña (1995), Chile’s first icon wine.


This marked a milestone and initiated the path for making premium wines in Chile. In 2004, the 2001 Seña came second in the Berlin blind tasting, ahead of many best wines in the world, including Château Lafite and Château Margaux.


This tasting result became a huge achievement for the Chilean wine industry, and elevated the image of Chile as a world-class appellation. Today, Eduardo Chadwick’s daughters, María Eugenia, María Magdalena, María José and Alejandra, continue to venture into the wonderful world of viticulture.

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