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The brand Pierlant symbolizes elegance and pleasure. Pierlant sparkling will be the ideal partner of your parties and events: with your family and friends, from aperitif to desserts. With its fine bubbles and its fruity taste, it will surely impress you. Pierlant is «The taste of Royalty» that brings you «joie de vivre».


Today Sparkling wines are usually produced using the Charmat Method, created by the Frenchman Eugène Charmat. It differs from the classic method, as the fermentation takes places in an autoclave, a large pressurised container, instead of in the bottle. The result is a product where the effervescence comes from endogenous fermentation. The maturation with the Charmat method takes place for 6 months to preserve the natural fragrances of the grapes. More than 850,000 bottles of Pierlant sparkling are sold in over 50 countries.

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