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La Jara

La Jara, in the heart of north-eastern Italy, at a mere 50 km from Venice, lies the unmistakable terroir of Prosecco. In this splendid area, stretching from the Conegliano and Valdobbiadene hills to the river Piave, their vineyards are cultivated according to organic principles. La Jara distinguishes itself through the production of high-quality organic wines, inspired by principles of respect for the vineyard and for its natural fertility cycle.


In the flat fields surrounding the winery, the long aligned rows stretch for 50 hectares, as far as the gravelly bed of the river Piave, which has shaped this unique terrain. The soil, compounded of white limestone – gravel originating from the river Piave – absorbs heat during the day, then slowly releases it at night. Owing the soil’s unusual characteristic, the grapes emit a fresh varietal scent which, in the wine, translate into a complex and varied bouquet of fruity and flowery aromas.

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