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InVina is owned by the Huber family, with more than 20 years of experience in Chilean viticulture and wine. We came to Chile in 1999 as because we saw so much opportunity to produce world class wines in Chile.


In 2007 we chose to double down on our belief in the quality of Chilean viticulture and founded InVina, a 100% family-owned venture which focused on investing in and developing vineyards in the Maule Valley. Several properties were acquired, with a view of creating a project that reflected the diversity of the Maule Valley. New vineyards were planted, and old vineyards nurtured, applying modern planting and management techniques.


The excellent quality of our grape production convinced us to keep the best parts of our extensive grape production for our own wine project, for which we built our winery in 2013.


InVina continues to believe that the key to Chile´s success is based on the quality and diversity of our grapes, which come from our five vineyards each with its unique profile of climate, soil and topography.

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