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Garamvári Estate is a true family business, shaped and driven by 3 generations. Founder Vencel Garamvári, graduated from the University of Horticulture, faculty of oenology in 1966, started his career in the largest sparkling wine factory in Hungary.


In 1990, he and a few enthusiastic and innovative partners founded Vinarium, a company dedicated to representing premium wineries and marketing their wines. Soon in 1993, the company bought its first vineyards in the Balatonboglár and Balatonlelle areas of the South Balaton region.


By 1996, the family had also acquired the cellar in Sörház Street in Budafok, which provided the perfect opportunity for sparkling wine production, and began to produce sparkling wines by using the Champagne technique. The first ones were released under the name of Château Vincent in 1999.


Today, 3 generations work together at Garamvári Estate. Vencel, and his wife Zsuzsa have laid the foundations. At the same time, they preserve and cherish the traditions on which the family and the estate have grown up into.

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