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Cosmopolitan Diva

"Cosmopolitan Diva", a Latvian brand, is the very first brand filtered sparkling wine through gold in the world. This technology was originated from its renowned Vodka production process​. Every drop of the Cosmopolitan Diva undergoes filtration through coils of pure gold thread, harmonizing flavours and intensifying its smoothness.


Its beautifully designed bottle is very eye-catching, making it stands out among all kinds of wine and gives people unforgettable feelings at the first sight.


"Cosmopolitan Diva" is “fashionable” and “low-calorie”.  A bottle of 750ml only contains 78 calories. With its natural juice, each drop of this divine sparkling wine was made delightfully crisp and fruity. Due to its uniqueness and quality, it was sold more than 2 million bottles in the first year of its launch, gaining the Top 3 best sparkling Latvian wine place in 2015.

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