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Château Haut-Brisson La Grave.png

Château Haut-Brisson La Grave

Château Haut-Brisson La Grave is the younger brother of Château Haut-Brisson. It is located on the south of the appellation on the 3 villages of Saint-Émilion, Saint-Sulpice de Faleyrens and Vignonet. With the diversity of terroirs, combined with vines of an average age of 30 years, it can no doubt produce wines at optimum maturity, that expresses the terroir. The Château was the first property acquired by Peter Kwok and his daughter Elaine in 1997.


In 2005, they implemented organic farming processes, and are certified organic from 2010. With the acquisition of new parcels at the end of 2015, the property restarts organic farming conversion for years 2016, 2017 and 2018.


The cellar constructed recently is adapted to accommodate the different phases of expansion of the vineyard. Château Haut-Brisson La Grave is full of younger vines from this beautiful area, and has the same care received by Château Haut Brisson. The blending and ageing are slightly different to produce and offer wine that can be enjoyed earlier. Château Haut Brisson La Grave is an invitation to pleasure, it has all the delicacy, the flavors and harmony.

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