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Château Croix Mouton

The viticultural history of the Château Croix Mouton can be dated back to the Gallo-Roman era. Château Croix-Mouton is located along the many meanders of the Dordogne, in the city of Lugon. The architecture of the current premises and the large fireplace from Louis XIV, prove the importance of succession in the seventeenth century.


Château Croix-Mouton is listed in the Guide Féret in 1881. It has been through ups and downs. At the beginning of the century, the estate changes owners and not doing as great. It is then bought by Jean Philippe Janoueix in 1997. A particularity of Château Croix Mouton is that the colour and font of its label “M” changes every year. It is the way for the property to mark the vintage’s characteristics.

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