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Alberto Nani

Enoitalia owns Alberto Nani. Enoitalia is the leader of Italian wine, 80% of its production is exported globally.


Since 1986 in Italy, Alberto Nani has expanded globally under the management of Giorgio Pizzolo and his three brothers Giuliano, Augusto and Floriano. They operate in 5 continents and over 80 countries with a production of 111 million bottles (2020). They performed well in the UK and USA markets, while also having a good presence in both Canada and Europe’s on and off trade. Enoitalia is now focusing in Asia, Russia and the Middle East with a dedicated task force for future expansion.


The turnover in 2020 was 201 million euros (up 6 years in a row). The growth of Enoitalia is supported by its international development, unique business model and continuous investments in production capacity and distribution network.

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