About Oriental Pegasus

Oriental Pegasus is established in 2015.

Our goal is discover and create different business from all over the world, now we are handling wine business, and Tea drinks brand. We will increase kids products for new online shop in Hong Kong soon.

We aim to provide good products with valuable pricing and good brand image to our customers, WINE CENTURY is a successful business as example.



We import from all over the world, discover different kinds of potential wines for wholesaling.

We have a direct sale wine company -


- It's No. 1 online wine shop in Hong Kong,

- 2400 bottles per item for 1 week sales!

- Self-delivery Team provide No.1 delivery service!

- Importing 8-12 Containers per month!

We are still rapidly developing !



Leisure Ade was established in 2016.

It was start up in China, the shop provide special fruit tea which is very amazing quality. We mainly target office workers, we also provide coffee and cake!

The Brand we start only 1 year, already developed to 7 shops now! We will keep open much more shops in the future!



The main objective of Horse racing company is to become a highly regarded professional horse racing group and contribute to the development of the horse racing industry and promote the horse racing culture. Leveraging on the resources and experience of our management team and major shareholders, we are committed to introducing and raising the best thoroughbreds from the major horse sourcing markets in the world and participate in world class competitions.

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